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Trocar Bins Holder

Experience optimal utilization of trocar bins personalized to your liking with our versatile trocar bin holders. Crafted from premium mild steel with a quality finish, these holders are designed for ease of use. Sized uniformly at 114mm x 90mm x 400mm, they securely hold trocar bins on frames, trolleys, or walls, offering a flexible and dependable solution for storage and accessibility.

We supply several types of trocar bin holder for the convenience usage of the trocar bins. Our trocar bin holders come in either frame, trolley or wall mounted type. These holders enable the users to fully utilize the trocar bin at their own preferred ways. The holders are built with top quality material as well as easy to use.

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only. Trocar bin holder and trolley are sold separately.

Size Available: Standard for all type – 114mm x 90mm x 400mm

Material: Mild Steel with Quality Finishing

Function: To hold trocar bins to be attached either at the frame, trolley or wall

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