Personal Protective Equipment


Medical Disposable Isolation Gown

Introducing our Polypropylene Spunbond Non Woven material protective garment, offering full coverage with long sleeves and cuffs. Easily wearable and removable, it ensures unrestricted movement and activities. The knitted cotton cuffs provide comfort and convenience for wearing over disposable gloves. With an adjustable waistline for a customized fit, water repellent properties, and expert craftsmanship from Malaysia, this product guarantees both comfort and quality in every use.


  • Material: Made from Polypropylene SpunbondNon Woven
  • Full Coverage with long sleeve complete with cuffs
  • Easy to put on take off
  • No restriction on movement and activities
  • Knitted cotton cuffs, comfortable and easy to put over disposable gloves
  • Adjustable waistline for comfort
  • Water repellant
  • Made in Malaysia with high quality stiches
HANDLING, STORAGE& TRANSPORT Medical Disposable Isolation Gown is packed and delivered in a protective plastic or box and stored indoors, in dry and room temperature.
Model Type (GSM) Color Size Neck Length Chest Under Arm Sleeve Length Packing Carton
NSIG30 30 White M 25 110 71 44 57 10 pcs/pack 100 pcs/catron
L 25 118 79 58 57
XL 25 129 87 70 57
NSIG45 45 Blue M 25 110 71 44 57
L 25 118 79 58 57
XL 25 129 87 70 57