Clinical Waste Receptacles​


Eco-Label & MYHIJAU Mark Sharps Waste Containers

Our Sharps Disposal Solution ensures safe, efficient, and convenient sharps disposal. It complies with BS EN ISO 23907-1:2019, SIRIM ECO 018:2017, and MyHijau Mark standards. With a high recycle plastic content, dual locking Aperture cover, and resistance to spillage, heat, penetration, impact, and pilfering, our eco-friendly solution provides a secure and reliable sharps disposal experience.


Approved by MOH

Listed in MOH’s Approved Products Purchase List (APPL)

Available in the Market

Ready to be distributed and be used

Tested & Certified with
  • SIRIM ECO LABEL, ECO 018: 2017
  • BS EN ISO 23907-1:2019

Eco Friendly

Made of Recycled Plastic Resins

Energy Saving

For Incinerator to burn the waste as the recycle resins are fast burning

Lessen Environment Pollutions

Save the landfill as it help to reduce the non-biodegradable plastic wastes

Conserving Natural Raw Materials

Contributing towards Malaysia Environmental Sustainability Policy


  • Compliance to BS EN ISO 23907-1 : 2019
  • Compliance to SIRIM ECO 018 : 2017
  • Compliance to MyHijau Mark (ISO 14024 Type 1 ECO-Labels)
  • High Recycle Plastic Content
  • Double locking Aperture cover – temporary and permanent lock
  • Resistance to spillage when topples
  • Eco Friendly
  • Higher Resistance to Penetration
  • Resistant to Heat (up to 130°C)
  • Leakproof
  • Resistant to Impact
  • Spillproof
  • Pilferproof



OUR BRAND – Ensure Delivery of Quality Products
Tested & Approved by SIRIM & is subject to the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations, 1989 Clause 8.
Towards A Greener, Safer & Healthier Environment
Caution To All Health Care Workers & Administrators

Under the Category of Clinical Wastes (Group B) as defined by the Ministry of Health, sharps are devices or objects capable of cutting or piercing. Sharps include hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels, blades and any other broken glass items generated from medical establishments. Improper disposal or exposure of sharps can and will expose human lives & the environment to many kinds of blood-borne or bodily fluids infections.

Safe, Efficient & Convenient Disposal

Sharps containers are designed with safety features to allow medical personnel eliminate the possibilities of contact and exposure to the above threats. Follow these instructions properly to ensure safety:

  • Segregate sharps from other clinical waste
  • Keep sharps containers away from unauthorised personnel
  • Lock main cover just before use
  • Place used sharps containers at a prominent place
  • Lock aperture cover when container is filled to its limit
  • Dispose loose sharps or sharps containers in common trash sites
  • Recap used hypodermic needles
  • Overfill sharps containers
  • Reopen closed sharps containers
Safety Features

Size 20 li. 10 li. 5 li. 2.5 li.
Material Recycled Polypropylene Resin
Disposal Incineration

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