Clinical Waste Receptacles​


Pedal Operated Clinical Waste Bins (Dual Purposes)

Our dual-purpose mobile pedal-operated clinical waste bin includes an extra compartment for storing the waste bin’s triple-lock cover. It facilitates easy disposal of items like needles, IV bottles, and other medical waste. The foot pedal, integrated into the frame, ensures the container remains closed.

The dual purpose mobile pedal operated clinical waste bin comes with and additional compartment to keep the triple lock cover of the waste bin. This product will allow ease of discharging items like the arterial venous fistula needles, IV bottle and other parenteral waste. The foot pedal is built on the frame which ensures the container is always closed.

Size Available: 20.0 Litre

Frame – Tubular Mild Steel and Hollow Square
Pail – Polyethylene Heterophasis Copolymer

Function: Designed with safety features for safely disposing all the clinical waste including sharps waste.

Our waste bins are very handy and convenient to use in various location.

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