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We ensure the products and services that we carry are of highest quality that enables efficiency, cost effective and long lasting. MASSB applies standards requirements and quality management system with certifications in order to gain trusts and satisfaction from customers. Thus, it is our responsibility to assure that our products are safe to be used in the medical environment including patients.

ISO 9001 Certification

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is exemplified by our ISO 9001 certification. This internationally recognized standard for quality management systems ensures that we establish and maintain effective processes to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer expectations.

Product Certification under ISO

We undergo rigorous product certification procedures based on ISO standards, assuring our customers that our offerings meet the highest quality and performance requirements.

Establishment License for Medical Devices

Our possession of an establishment license signifies official authorization to manufacture and distribute medical devices, reflecting our compliance with regulatory standards and ensuring safety and reliability in healthcare.

MyHIJAU Mark Certification

The prestigious MyHIJAU Mark certification demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability. It recognizes our eco-friendly products or services, aligning with Malaysia's esteemed green certification initiative.

Patent for Sharps Containers and Trocar Bin

We have obtained patents for our innovative designs of sharps containers and trocar bins. These patents protect our exclusive intellectual property, highlighting our ingenuity and dedication to advancing medical waste management solutions.

Product Registration for Industrial Design with IPCM for Mobile Pedal Operated Clinical Waste Bin

Our industrial design registration for a mobile pedal-operated clinical waste bin, conforming to IPCM standards, ensures the uniqueness and functionality of our product. It serves as a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of practicality in waste management solutions.

Major Awards and Recognition

We take pride in the remarkable accolades and recognition we have earned. These prestigious achievements highlight our outstanding performance and distinction across various domains, reinforcing our reputation for excellence.

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