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Auto Stance Wheel

STANCE WHEEL is a new innovative equipment specially designed for the wheelchair bound dental patients.

  • Dental treatment or procedures can be done directly at the comfort of patient’s wheelchair and Dentist chair.
  • By simply pressing reclining button, the desired position of the patients can be achieved.
  • User friendly, fast set up and easy handling.
  • Designed and made for durability and storability.
  • Safe and ergonomic.
Comforts On Wheelchair

Simply pull patient on wheelchair towards Stance Wheel

Tilt the patient on wheelchair to desired position with a press of a button

Dentist works on patient’s dental with ease and comforts

Accomplish more with added features
Max Patient Weight 190 kg
Max Patient Height 160 cm
Maximum Incline 80°
Unit Weight 60 kgs
Unit Dimension
    Height 1237.5 mm
    Width 735.2 mm
    Length 1030.1 mm

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