MyHIJAU sharps waste containers used in hospitals nationwide

Medical Apparatus Supplies Sdn Bhd executive director Mohd Niza Md Azar says its MyHIJAU Mark Sharps Waste Containers are approved by the Health Ministry.- Pic courtesy

KUALA LUMPUR: MyHIJAU Mark Sharps Waste Containers (with triple-lock closure system), produced by Medical Apparatus Supplies Sdn Bhd, are listed in the Health Ministry’s Approved Product List.

Medical Apparatus Supplies executive director Mohd Niza Md Azar said the sharps waste containers were used in government hospitals and private medical centres nationwide.

In supporting the national drive and commitment towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), GreenTech Malaysia introduced MyHIJAU, an initiative by the government to support development of green technology.

Approved by the National Green Technology and Climate Change Council in October 2012, this programme encourages the manufacture and supply of green products and services that are competitive in both local and global markets.

Niza said businesses should not only focus on profit and growth but also on sus tainability.

He said the MyHIJAU sharps containers would help ensure hospitals took greater responsibility for the impact of their operations on the environment.

This includes the practice of reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials and energy.

Malaysia launched its Roadmap Towards Zero Single-use Plastics (2018-2030), with the mission of creating a cleaner, healthier environment by 2030.

“We can do our part by reducing single-use plastic and domestic plastic waste through the recycling process.

“Most importantly, we can reduce the energy required to produce new virgin plastic resin.

“Usage of the MyHIJAU sharps waste containers will also help reduce the energy needed to incinerate the containers since they are made of recycled resin and have lower molecular weight and shorter molecular chain, making the sharps containers easier to burn,” said Niza.

Other advantages include helping the nation achieve its SDG initiatives and companies to comply with Bursa Malaysia’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy.

Niza also called for the use of sharps containers made from local recycled plastic resin to reduce plastic waste and to support the government’s green procurement and zero single-use plastics policies as well as the Health Ministry ‘s goal of green hospitals (based on the green building index rating system under the materials and resources category).

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